Precision is the Name of the Game If You Want to Fuck a cougar

Usually, the word “precision” is often mentioned when it comes to Swiss watches, military exercises or computer performance. But believe me, if you really want to get more than your fair share of cougars, you need to focus on precision. In fact, if you think about it, the whole concept of trying to fuck a cougar requires precision. You have to be precise in the specific demographic group you are targeting.

You have to remember that when it comes to online dating, there are all sorts of fucked up and fraudulent mislabeling. All these people use labels to describe themselves that are inaccurate. In many cases, they know what they are doing. In such situations, you know you’re dealing with liars.

Women would call themselves cougars when they haven’t had kids and they’re not over 30. Do you see where I’m coming from? They would just lie there in bed and basically make you do all the work without any of the hard, bucking, relentless, cowgirl action, a real bonafide cougar brings to the table.

So the key here is to be precise in what you’re looking for when you join quality adult dating sites focused on cougars like does. The more focused you are in targeting a specific sexual demographic, the higher the likelihood that you would hook up. As the old saying goes, where your focus goes, your energy will flow. Fucking lots of cougar-or at least banging so many of them like it is going out of style-is really all about whether you choose to make sex with them your primary focus. It’s all about focus. No big mystery here.

I just spilled the beans, believe it or not. I just gave you the grand unified theory of how to fuck a cougar. It all boils down to focus. If you keep fucking chicks that don’t meet the standard, then you become confused and your game starts to suffer.

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